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The Dalton Hotel Victoria is a Favorite Among Victoria, BC Hotels

Welcome to the Dalton Hotel and Suites — a Victoria, British Columbia hotel offering the best in elegant comfort among British Columbia Hotels. The management and staff of the Dalton hotel victoria are committed to ensuring your visit to Victoria is relaxing, satisfying and memorable.

Please explore the website to learn more about The Dalton Hotel Victoria. Information on our hotel accommodations in Victoria, BC, our rates and our reservations can be found on the Rooms, Rates and Reservations page. Our Services and Amenities page brings you up-to-date on all that the British Columbia Dalton Hotel offers, including information on where to enjoy a tasty breakfast, lunch or dinner. And on our Activities page, you'll learn about Contact page.

Dalton Hotel Victoria is a downtown Victoria hotel and historic landmark building that provides travelers a warm, inviting place to relax during their visit. Built in 1876, The Dalton is Victoria, British Columbia's oldest hotel, with much of the original architecture still visible. The exterior of the building, especially the front, is as the building was when it was first built. The lobby is furnished with oak paneling, brass and marble that are a delight to see.

Now under new management, the British Columbia Dalton Hotel in Victoria is undergoing a transformation to preserve the best of the past while looking forward to the future. We hope you enjoy your stay at The Dalton Hotel and Suites — Victoria, BC's newest oldest hotel!

We also Have Cottages...

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